After School Care


Child Supervision Policy: After School and Late Stay




At The Swaminarayan School, the welfare and safety of all pupils is of paramount importance to all staff. All staff are expected to follow the procedures listed below at all times.


After School Care


  • Class teachers or the teacher in charge of the final lesson will escort their children to the dining hall at 3.30pm. The TA, class teacher on duty and senior teacher on duty will supervise until 4:00pm.
  • The Senior Teacher on duty will supervise the pupils and support the late stay staff members until 4:45pm.
  • Kindergarten and Nursery children are to stay in the dining hall at all times until they are collected.
  • Staff in charge of an after school club will mark the register in the dining hall and then leave it in the dining hall in the allocated spaces provided.
  • After 3:45pm, any child wishing to leave the dining hall or Infant playground for any reason must obtain a green ‘Pass Card’ from a member of staff on duty. Teachers are encouraged to challenge any children seen walking around the school without one during this time.
  • Children who have not been collected instantly and wish to have a snack may do so only in the dining area and only until 4:15pm. They must sit down whilst eating.
  • From 4pm until 4:15pm, only soft balls no larger than a tennis ball or a cricket ball may be used. There will be no exceptions to this rule. The school will provide some suitable balls marked for use during this period. The children may use their own if agreed with the person on duty.
  • Once a child has been collected, they may not return to the late stay area to play. They must leave the area and either exit the school premises or wait with their parent/carer.
  • Bags and coats must be placed in the designated areas and nowhere else. These areas are to be clearly marked using signs in order to avoid ambiguity.
  • From 3:45pm until 4:45m, additional equipment may be used for play in the Infant playground at the discretion of the late stay staff. The school will provide some suitable, marked footballs and children may use their own cricket bats provided the late stay staff adjudge it to be safe to do so. Harder balls such as cricket balls or leather footballs are still not allowed during this period. For those children wishing to play inside, table games or table tennis will be provided. Only table tennis balls are allowed inside.
  • At 4.30pm, a pupil-led sweep for any lost property will take place. The children who carry this out will be chosen by the late stay staff. All lost property will then be placed in the designated lost property area. There is to be no lost property left in the dining hall or outside area by 4:45pm.
  • Late stay co-ordinators will remain in the dining hall and Infant playground with the children from 4:30pm until 4:45pm. After this time, the children will be taken to the school office where the Senior Teacher on duty will provide additional supervision for any remaining children in the foyer. No member of staff is to be left on their own with a single child due to Child Protection and Safeguarding guidelines.
  • If parents arrive after 4:45pm, they will be charged at a rate of £5.00 for every 15 minutes they are late. There is a receipt book that needs to be filled out in order to record such transactions.
  • In the event of rain or adverse weather conditions, all children will remain in the dining hall from 3:30pm until 4:45pm. Table games will be provided but table tennis may not be played until after 3:45pm.
  • The Senior Teacher on duty, along with the Head teacher or Deputy Head of Prep will remain on the school premises until the last child has been collected.
  • There will be at least one designated first aider on duty after school. There is a first aid box in the dining hall. A member of the office team (also first aid trained) will be on the premises until 5.00pm also.


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