Scholarships in the Senior School

There are seven scholarships on offer to pupils applying for a place in Year 7 in September 2018. The scholarships are normally for the pupil’s education in the Senior School up to GCSE. They are:

  • One 50% of the annual fees
  • Two £1000 one each for Highest Mark in Mathematics and English
  • Two £1000 per annum
  • Two £500 per annum

All applicants, whether for admission or scholarship, will do examinations in English and Mathematics and they must reach high standards in both subjects.  The entrance examination will take place on Wednesday, 17th January 2018.

The timetable is as follows:

12 January 2018 - Last date for Applications

17 January 2018 - entrance/scholarship examinations

23 February 2018 - Offer of places or scholarships

Admission in the Sixth Form

Each student applying for admission in the sixth form will need to complete an application form. References will be sought from their previous school and the student will be interviewed by the Director of Sixth form and/or the Head of School before being offered admission.

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