Preparatory School Admissions

1. Pupils must be of the correct age on 31st August, for admission into a particular year in the Prep School.

Kindergarten - 2 years (minimum age = 2½ years)
Nursery - 3 years
Reception - 4 years
Year 1 - 5 years
Year 2 - 6 years
Year 3 - 7 years
Year 4 - 8 years
Year 5 - 9 years
Year 6 - 10years

2. Parents/guardians may apply for their child’s entry to The Swaminarayan Preparatory School by filling in an application form and paying £100 registration fee (non-refundable), together with a copy of the birth certificate, passport and the last school report.

3. In order to qualify for entry, a child must reach a certain academic standard in the Preparatory School entrance examinations in English and Mathematics. Pupils may also be asked to do other examinations such as Cognitive Ability tests. He/she will have to pass an oral and written examination.

4. Although Kindergarten or Nursery children are not tested academically, an informal interview is assessment is arranged with the Head of Foundation Stage. Age appropriate assessments of the child’s ability to speak, listen to instructions, solve simple puzzles, social skills and hand-eye co-ordinations are carried out.

5. Key Stage 2 children normally spend the whole day in school and lunch will be provided. During the day they complete the examinations and also have an opportunity to get to know the school. The decision to accept a child lies with the Headteacher of the Prep School.

6. A child may not be accepted in the school if in the opinion of the Headteacher the School cannot provide adequately for the child’s emotional, physical, medical or educational needs.

7. Letters of acceptance or rejection will be sent within a fortnight of the examination.

8. Parents will be asked to complete an acceptance form, a Medical Condition Form together with a £500 acceptance fee. For a pupil who is not a UK citizen, we are required to check the residency status and take copies of their passport.

9. Children may sit for an entrance examination through the academic year.

10. Prospective parents are asked to telephone the School Secretary (020 8965 8381) to arrange an interview with the Headteacher before submitting an application.

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