History of the School

The Swaminarayan School was founded in 1991 by His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj to provide education along the lines of independent British schools, whilst reinforcing Hindu culture and tradition. It is a non-profit making co-educational school for children aged two and a half to eighteen years.

We admitted our first eighty or so pupils in the Prep School in September 1992 and decided to open the Senior School the following September because of parental demand. Now there are around 475 pupils in the school and already the school’s first graduates have been back as guests at our prize days.

Since those early days excellent progress has been made in all areas. The most striking aspect that always attracts comment from visitors is the purposeful atmosphere, both in classrooms and throughout the school. This excellent behaviour of pupils together with the generous staffing ratio and commitment from parents allows our teachers to help pupils achieve their full potential.

The Foundation Stage includes the Kindergarten for the rising threes, Nursery for the rising fours and Reception for the rising five year olds. The curriculum followed in this section of the school is the Early Learning Goals and we participate in the Nursery Voucher Scheme.

From Year 1 onwards, we have taken on board the most desirable elements of the National Curriculum while developing the best practices of independent education. 

The cultural subjects unique to the school give it a special dimension – students have lessons in the Indian Performing Arts up to Year 8 and they study Gujarati and Religious Education in Hinduism up to GCSE level. At Key Stage 4, all pupils are entered for GCSEs in up to twelve subjects. Many of the pupils return in the sixth form to study a variety of ‘A’ levels and then go on to Universities.

Although the day starts formally at 8.30am with morning assembly, parents may deliver their children by 8.00am. A cooked, vegetarian meal is provided at midday for all pupils and each week’s menu is varied and balanced to provide western and Indian foods. For Key Stage 1 pupils, school ends at 3.30pm. Key Stage 2 pupils have an extra period with their day ending at 4pm. Although school officially ends at 4.05pm for the Senior School, many pupils are involved in after school activities beyond the school day. A late-stay facility up to 5.15pm is provided for Prep School children whose parents are not able to collect them earlier.

Pupils are encouraged to take part in a range of extracurricular activities including clubs, sports, drama & dance performances. An extensive programme of instrumental lessons is also on offer to all pupils. Teachers arrange regular day trips to museums, parks and other places of educational interest. Residential outings that include outdoor activities are also a feature of the school. We have achieved a tremendous amount in the first few years:

  • We are usually at the top of the performance tables in Brent normally with 90 to 100% of the pupils achieving 5 or more GCSE grades A to C
  • The school achieved 2nd position in the table of top independent schools published by the Daily Telegraph on 14 January 2010
  • We have already sent students to prestigious universities including Oxford University, Imperial College, LSE, UCL, Warwick and King’s
  • The Swaminarayan School is a prominent member of the Independent Schools Association
  • A large percentage of Senior School students participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

We aim to achieve even greater heights:

  • To continue to achieve even better exam results – academic excellence is a priority
  • To send confident, well-adjusted and well-rounded young people to higher education and for them to achieve their full potential
  • To maintain our Hindu culture, values and way of life and to pass these on to new generations.
  • To increase parental involvement in their children’s education
  • To improve standards in all areas of school life
pramukh swami maharaj

" The heart of Education is the Education of the heart, of the mind and of the spirit. "
Pramukh Swami Maharaj