The principal aim of Religious Studies in the Senior School is to stimulate interest and enquiry in to Hinduism and educate our pupils about other world faiths and traditions in order to make them global citizens. In order to do this pupils are taught how to investigate Religions, this enable them to be enquirers as well as learners.  
Assessment is on-going, with regular testing, project work and report writing.


For many people all over the world, religion is a way of life.  Their lives and attitude are affected by their religious beliefs. Hence the study of Religion is paramount for the pupils of the Senior School.

It is important that Hindu children have the opportunity to look at life issues from a Hindu perspective and to understand the views of others from their perspective.

Religious beliefs have been a crucial element in the forming of history for Hindus.  It is therefore important that pupils gain an awareness of the rich Hindu traditions, the contributions they have made, and continue to make within the areas of culture, art, music and history.


  1. To awaken and develop an awareness of the Hindu way of life.
  2. To develop a spirit of enquiry into the beliefs of Hindu religion and ethos.
  3. To understand how religious beliefs and practices affect our own lives.
  4. To discover the significance of commitment to the Hindu way of life.
  5. To care about and contribute to the Hindu Ethos within a multi-faith community.
  6. To develop an understanding of the Major World Faiths and their links with the Hindu Community.
  7. To promote the values of love, respect and tolerance towards all faith communities.
  8. To look to build bridges within the multi cultural society we live in, by drawing on our similarities as faith communities and non faith communities alike.


pramukh swami maharaj

" The heart of Education is the Education of the heart, of the mind and of the spirit. "
Pramukh Swami Maharaj