Physics at the School is taught as a separate subject throughout the Senior School years.  The course at each age group is designed to stimulate interest in the subject through a combination of experimental and investigate work.  The knowledge, understanding and skills base is slowly improved through written work, use of equation in physical applications, use of apparatus in practical work, discussion and project work.  It is hoped that after completion of the course at Years 7 and 8, students will be better able to cope with the demands of GCSE Physics.  The separate science approach will clearly be of enormous benefit to the students.  Students are encouraged to inquire and question things as far as possible.  Nothing is true unless confirmed!

The Syllabus Content

The content of the syllabus revolves around several core topics:

  • Measurement
  • Mass and weight
  • Electricity
  • Magnetism
  • Pressure
  • The Solar System & beyond (Astronomy)
  • Heat transfer
  • Energy
  • Light
  • Forces and Motion
  • Waves including sound

Students learn to grasp the basic principles in Senior 1 and 2, upon which the contents at GCSE are then based.  

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