The syllabus is designed to consider a series of key ideas and concepts.  In particular we aim to create in our pupils an awareness of some of the spatial and environmental   patterns within the United Kingdom, the European Union and the world at large.

Senior One and Two (Years 7 and 8)

The following geographical themes are investigated:

    Map reading            weather and climate        economic activities
    Landforms            population            settlement
At the same time emphasis is placed upon the study of countries, particularly the United Kingdom, India and Brazil.  There is fieldwork in both urban and rural environments.

The “Key Geography” series of textbooks provides the backbone of the course, but a wide variety of other books, videos and materials is used.  

Senior Three, Four and Five (Years 9, 10 and 11)

Pupils follow the new Edexcel specification 2GA01 (Geography A).  It consists of four units of work each worth 25% of the final mark:

  1. Geographical Skills
  2. The Natural Environment
  3. The Human Environment
  4. Investigating Geography (fieldwork with controlled assessment)

Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13)

Pupils are prepared for the new AQA Geography Specification 2030.  At AS level the 2 units of study are:

  1. Physical and Human Geography
  2. Geographical Skills

At A2 level a further 2 units are studied.  They are:

  1. Contemporary Geographical Issues
  2. Geography Fieldwork Investigation


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