Economics is offered in the Sixth Form and the interest in the subject has soared in recent years. The study of economics provides the students with the spectacles that enable them to examine how an individual, a society and the government makes day-to-day decisions at micro and macroeconomic levels. Examinations are taken with the OCR board.

The main AS topics covered are:

F581 – Markets in Action

Economic problem, scarcity and choice

Opportunity costs

Determinants of Demand, Supply and Market Equilibrium

Price, Income and Cross elasticity of Demand

Market failure and Government intervention

F582 – The National and International Economy

Aggregate Demand and Supply and their interaction

Government economic policy objectives and indicators of national economic performance

The application of macroeconomic policy instruments and the international economy

At A2 the following main topics are covered:

F583 – Economics of work and leisure

Nature of work and leisure and trends in employment and earnings

Market structures and competitive behaviour in leisure markets

Labour, demand and wage determination

Market failure and the role of the Government and unions in the labour market

F585 – The Global Economy

Microeconomic performance

Trade and integration

Development and sustainability

The economics of globalisation

The current affairs and national and global economic news form an integral part of every economic lesson. Students undertake original research and presentations and use ICT extensively as part of the course.

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