Senior School Curriculum

The curriculum of the Senior School is organised with the unique nature of the Swaminarayan School and the needs of our pupils in mind. It takes the best elements of the National Curriculum and mixes that with what we consider to be important for our children. Whilst all pupils study the widest range of subjects at Years 7 & 8 as outlined below, we narrow them down through our option system at Year 9. This is in line with the school's aspiration to start the teaching of the GCSE syllabus a year early. It is designed to challenge and extend every pupil to their fullest potential and equip them with the necessary tools for academic success at GCSE.

The delivery of the curriculum is such that it stimulates and facilitates the curiosity of all our pupils, raising more questions for young inquiring minds to resolve, without ever losing direction. Science is taught separately as Biology, Chemistry and Physics throughout the school. There are some compulsory subjects which we consider important for a child’s growth into a successful adult in a western environment. In the Sixth Form in the first year, all students are required to select a minimum of four AS levels. The students may continue the same four AS levels to Advanced level. We place a lot of emphasis on pastoral issues, careers guidance and university applications. The senior school follows a two-week timetable with one hour lessons.

The Curriculum up to GCSE (Two Weeks timetable - 55-60 minutes lessons)

SENIORS 1 and 2 (ages 11-12)SENIORS 3, 4 and 5 (ages 13-16)
English English
LAMDA Mathematics
Mathematics Biology
Drama Chemistry
Biology Physics
Chemistry French
Physics Gujurati
French RS
Gujurati Business Studies/Economics*
History History*
Geography Geography*
Art Art*
Religious Studies Drama*
Clubs Clubs or DoE
CT/Moral Education  
All subjects are compulsary * Optional Subjects

At Advanced Level

A level subjects offered: Accounting, Art, Biology, Chemistry, ICT, Drama, Economics, English Literature,  French, Further Mathematics, Geography, History, Mathematics and Physics. Other subjects will be considered if there is demand.

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