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Art & Design is an essential part of the physical world, touching upon almost everything we interact with daily. It is also a rich part of contemporary culture and human history and therefore an important area of a child’s development; as such Art is compulsory for all pupils in Years 7 and 8 and beyond this we offer Art at GCSE and AS & A2 levels.

Links for students:

BBC National - Your Paintings searchable database

National Gallery

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Art Student Guide

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Students work thematically on projects which allow them to explore a variety of different ideas and processes. Much supporting work is made in sketchbooks which are useful for trying out ideas and techniques.

Sketchbooks examples - 




Art Trips

The Art department takes full advantage of the wealth of cultural opportunities that living in London provides and all years make trips to galleries and museums to see their permanent collections and special exhibitions relating to project work. Recent day trips have taken in exhibitions at the Barbian, Tate Britain and Tate Modern and the Courtauld Gallery in Somerset House.


The aims of the Art department;

• Nurture and promote the visual facility.
• To encourage and provide a channel for the positive expression of youthful imagination.
• To provide a vehicle for personal development and discipline through the intrinsic structures of the visual process.
• To engender an interest and enjoyment of the arts, and an appreciation of the historical, social and cultural significance.

Year 7 & 8 - Practice of basic skills. These include: Drawing, painting, pattern making, collage, simple 3D work, and lettering in Year 7; colour, painting and Design in Year 8. All pupils have a sketchbook for work assignments.

Year 9, 10 & 11 – Pupils can choose Art and Design as a GCSE option (OCR syllabus) to follow a three year course in Fine Art (Drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, alternative media). Pupils are encouraged to work independently and to show personal responses to themes or subjects. Visits to art galleries and exhibitions are a major feature of the course. Assessment based on controlled assessment coursework project (60%) and a final examination with preparation work of 10 hours (40%).

Year 12 & 13 – A Level based upon the OCR examination syllabus. The course specialises in painting and drawing (Fine Art) with assessment based on Coursework and a final examination with Preparation (5 hours AS/15 hours A2).


Art Dept Lunch Club & Art Society

The art department encourages students to develop their passion for art by working on their own ideas or developing their school work outside of lesson time -we operate an open department during lunchtimes Tuesday - Friday for students to undertake supervised work.

There is also an Art Society for years 7 & 8 where students can work on a practical project for half a term which runs outside of the normal art lessons.


Student work

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