University Destinations

  • Sachin Shah 2A* 2A
    Warwick - PPE
    I have thoroughly enjoyed the six years and had fond memories I will always cherish

  • Shaneil Patel 1A* 3A
    Imperial Aeronautical Engineering
    I would like to acknowledge and thank you for all you have done for me.

  • Jeel Pandya 1A* 1A, 1B (AS)
    Gap Year Medicine (2014 Entry)
    Specialist Trainee Year 3 Pediatrics
    If it wasn’t for this school I don’t think I would be the same person that I am today.

  • Virang Kumar 1A* 2A
    Liverpool - Dentistry
    Going to Swaminarayan School was a turning point...This is where I found my true potential and character.

  • Khushali Shingala 1A* 3B
    Queen Mary - Economics
    How can I ever thank you enough. What you have given me will stay with me a lifetime..

  • Krishna Mistry 1A* 2B
    NESCOT Osteopathy (Deferred Entry 2014)
    I have studied at this school since the age of five and I attribute my success to the teachers of this school

  • Hardik Patel 1A* 1A 1C
    Kent - Architecture
    Thank you for believing in me, for teaching me with patience and understanding.

  • Toshik Patel 3A 1B
    Gap Year Medicine (2014 Entry)
    It is with good guidance and teaching at TSS that has allowed me to achieve my good grades.

  • Tanmaya Madan 2A* 1C
    Manchester Computing Science with Mathematics
    Your support, your understanding, your patience will always be appreciated.

  • Chandni Shah 1A* 3B
    Warwick - Engineering Deferred Entry 2014)
    I will always remember the best guidance that I received at the Swaminarayan School.

  • Pooja Shah 1A* 3A
    UCL - Medicine
    Without right guidance and direction I would not have achieved these results.

  • Payal Shantilal 2A 1B, 1A (AS)
    Aston - Optometry
    The Swaminarayan School is fantastic and the people in their even more..

  • Vishvam Desai 1A 2B
    Queen Mary - Economics

  • Krishan Patel 1A 1B
    City - Economics

  • Anup Trivedi 1A 2C
    LAW - Aston

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Pramukh Swami Maharaj