The school runs a series of internal competitions annually to help raise the profile of various areas of the curriculum and to encourage pupils to develop various skills. While there are winners awarded, the emphasis is always on the development of the pupils and the way in which they participate.

Some of the internal competitions that our pupils participate in include:-

  • Times Table Blitz
  • Spellathon
  • Readathon
  • Poetry Competition
  • Public Speaking Competition
  • Handwriting & Writing Competition
  • Science Week Competitions


We also like to provide pupils with a range of opportunities to compete against other schools in competitions that require completion either in school, or by going to external venues to compete. Some of the events that we participate in annually include competitions such as:-

  • Primary Maths Challenge
  • Junior Maths Challenge
  • World Education Games
  • Quiz Club
    • General Knowledge
    • Science
  • ISI Writing Competition
  • Jaguar Maths Competition


This year we have, for the first time, participated in the following competitions.

  • NACE Photography Competition
  • Year 5 Mathematics Competition In Mill Hill
    • One team placed 4th
    • One team placed 8th
  • Caribu Writing Competition
    • One pupil won the competition
    • A number of other pupils received notable mentions
pramukh swami maharaj

" The heart of Education is the Education of the heart, of the mind and of the spirit. "
Pramukh Swami Maharaj