More Able Gifted and Talented (MAGT) Provisions

We have an MAGT register that is updated on an annual basis, or when needed.  Pupils who are on the register are given additional opportunities to extend their learning both within lessons in the classroom and through additional competitions and activities.  We use guidelines from the NACE organisation who recently awarded the school with their challenge award for excellent provision for More Able Gifted and Talented pupils. We are currently processing a re-accreditation, which demonstrates our continued aim to support MAGT children within the school.


Children with Special Needs

Although we are a moderately selective school, from time to time some children will need additional support from their teachers. The curriculum and staffing ratio in our school is designed to provide access and opportunity for all children who attend the school.

If a child needs additional support, in most instances the teacher is able to provide resources and educational opportunities, which meet the child’s needs within the normal class organisation.

We have a part-time Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) who assesses pupils and writes Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) for each of the children who are on the Learning Support register. The teachers are fully involved in these discussions and implement her recommendations.


The role of the subject leader / head of department

The role of the subject leader is to:

  • provide a strategic lead and direction for the subject;
  • support and offer advice to colleagues on issues related to the subject;
  • monitor pupil progress in that subject area;
  • provide efficient resource management for the subject.
  • conduct training in the subject area every year (staff meeting or INSET)
  • analyse results (where applicable) to notice trends in order to improve the teaching.
  • create and carry out an action plan for the subject on a yearly basis
  • provide a summary at the end of each academic year about progress made in the subject and areas for improvement

It is the role of each subject leader to keep up to date with developments in their subject, at both national and local level. They review the way the subject is taught in the school and plan for improvement. This development planning links to whole-school objectives.


Monitoring and review

The Head teacher, curriculum coordinator, subject leaders and senior teacher team are all responsible (at various levels) for monitoring the way the school curriculum is implemented. Directive comes from the Head teacher and curriculum coordinator after discussion with subject leaders and the senior teacher team.

The Curriculum coordinator, together with the senior teachers are responsible for the day to day organisation of the curriculum, monitors the weekly/half termly lesson plans for all teachers in the Prep School.

Reviews are carried out annually on all areas of curriculum, and half termly meetings are conducted between the Curriculum coordinator and subject leaders to assess progress in each subject and ways to move forward.

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