School Uniform

It is an expectation at The Swaminarayan Prep School that all pupils start the school day with assembly in their full school uniform.

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all pupils. School uniform must be worn at all times, unless your teacher tells you otherwise.

  • Parents should make sure that their children are wearing the correct school uniform, which should be purchased from Pullens, Stanmore.
  • Nail varnish and make-up should not be worn except in performances
  • Non-religious jewellery must not be worn- girls may wear studs in their ears only
  • Hair colour, style and length must be appropriate for school.


Kindergarten and Nursery                           

Burgundy tracksuits                                                            

Yellow polo shirts                                                        

Black Velcro fastening shoes              

Also in Summer: red checked dress for girls  

Stockist: Teenywear, 325 High Road, Harrow Weald, Middlesex, Ph. 0208 863 3892


Key Stage 1 & 2


School blazer

Navy v-neck pullover

White shirt & school tie

Navy trousers

Black school shoes & socks (Rec: Velco, Years 1-6: laces)


School blazer

Navy cardigan/pullover

White blouse & school tie

Navy box pleated skirt (KS1 may wear navy crossover pinafores). Girls may wear the school summer dress from the beginning of the Summer Term until the Autumn half term.

Black school shoes

P.E. Kit

The Order form can be found HERE.

The Returns form can be found HERE.


All items of clothing should be marked with your name.

Staff will not be held responsible for lost items of clothing. Termly uniform checks take place, placing emphasis on labelled clothing, polished shoes and high standards of personal appearance.

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